According to Nobel laureate

According to Nobel laureate Maria Ressa justice and truth prevailed today.

According to Nobel laureate Maria Ressa justice and truth prevailed today.

Given that this has been a significant victory for Maria Ressa, it becomes sense that she appears and sounds as though she is on top of the world.

Maria Ressa is exonerated by a Philippine court of tax fraud.
When it gathered money through its cooperation with foreign investors, the Philippine government under former president Rodrigo Duterte had accused Ms. Ressa and Rappler of avoiding tax payments. Rappler and Ms. Ressa refuted the accusations.

One of the few Philippine media outlets to publicly criticise Mr. Duterte and his policies was Rappler.

The tax evasion case, according to the National Union of Journalists in the Philippines

You know, according to Martin Luther King, it will take time “She spoke. “We’re not tax evaders, and we never have been, therefore there was no cause to take us to court, I realised as I read the decision. This day was very significant since it would have determined the Philippines’ future course.”

Maria Ressa’s legal issues began during the Duterte government and persisted under Ferdinand Marcos Junior, the current president.

Does she believe that things are changing now that he is in charge.

She thinks, “Our president is in Davos today talking to business executives.” “As a result, it’s a very clear indication of the location of the Philippines. The battle still has a ways to go.

It is obvious that Maria Ressa is prepared to battle because she still faces legal challenges in numerous cases, many of which could result in lengthy prison terms.

Her family, especially her parents, have suffered during the past four years. However, as she puts it, it’s typical for this work.

“It resembles being in a war zone or a region of turmoil. Just a long one, right?”

Although Ms. Ressa’s energy and optimism are contagious, there is a definite feeling of unfairness lurking beneath the beaming smiles and well-deserved relief.





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