Why aren comfort foods uniform

Why aren comfort foods uniform

Why aren comfort foods uniform

Every food culture has particular dishes that are frequently requested by customers. Furthermore, no particular dish is a comfort food mainstay everywhere. This is why.
If someone asks you to list your favourite comfort foods, you probably don’t have to think twice about naming instant ramen, mashed potatoes, or macaroni and cheese. The expression, which has been circulating in the food vocabulary for years, seems to conjure up excesses, comforting flavours, and solace through difficult times. In an interview.

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One is that it’s not even certain that when we’re upset, we turn to what is familiar. In a 2010 study, University of South Carolina marketing professor Stacy Wood discovered that individuals who were going through more upheaval in their life were more inclined to select novel cuisines than tried-and-true favourites. When it came down to it, participants didn’t behave in accordance with their own beliefs, despite believing that people with stable lifestyles would be more ready to take chances.

Those with greater stability opted for the well-known brand of potato chips over the “exotic” British packet of crisps with flavours like camembert and plum. Those without chose a novel option. The researchers hypothesised that change would actually increase our receptivity to fresh opportunities.

Researchers have also questioned whether comfort food calories could somehow improve mood. There is some evidence to suggest that rats’ stress markers can be lowered by sweetness. Sugar water is also known to offer some pain alleviation to newborn humans. Of course, not all comfort foods are sweet. In fact, according to a poll, pizza is the nation’s favourite comfort food, besting all other rivals.

Additionally, a study that polled roughly 1,400 people.

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